Our Family History
Cue & Cushion tries very hard to keep the smoke from cigarrettes to a minimum. How much does this affect your decision to play pool at Cue & Cushion?

Smoke rarely is so bad that I leave early. 1/1 100%
A smoky place means I will come there less. 0/1 0%
I will never come to a place that allows smoking. 0/1 0%
Smoke doesn't bother me. 0/1 0%

We are a family owned business serving the St. Louis metropolitan area since 1966.

No fake sales.


Great service after the sale. See why St. Louis customers call us

the "Home of St. Louis Pool !"

Cue & Cushion - 2425 Woodson Road - St. Louis MO - 63114  
(314) 427-9267