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Moving Services

Moving Services:  For more accurate price quotes on moving pool tables you will need the following information before emailing or calling us. 

1. Location of table currently including zip code?

2. Location of delivery including zip code?

3. Size of Pool Table? Is it a three piece slate?

4. Style- Leather Pocket, rubber drop pocket or ball return?

5. Number of flights of stairs at BOTH locations combined?

6. Manufacturer of Table? Retailer?

7. Can we park a large truck within 50 ft of entrances of both locations? 

8. Are all parts of table intact and in good working order? Has table been serviced/ moved since installation?

9. Are cloth and rubber in good working condition or do they need replacement? 

10. Did you buy the table from Cue & Cushion? If so, when?

Note: Cue & Cushion does not move ONE piece slate tables.

Give us a call when you are ready to schedule a Moving job or Installation at 314-427-9267. Most jobs can be scheduled about a week in advance except during the holiday season which requires a two week or more lead time. We look forward to serving you. Thank you for choosing a St. Louis family owned business!


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