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This page will be dedicated to several things. First of all,  businesses Cue & Cushion has had a successful relationship with. Secondly,  charities or organizations we believe in. Cue & Cushion is a family business and struggles with the same issues as your family. By creating this page we hope our customers and friends will get involved with issues that are important to them, and also support businesses that are local to St. Louis. This helps the St. Louis economy by keeping your money here. There may also be commentary on current events and what you can do to make a difference. We will try not to get too political.

Cue & Cushion has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since December 1981.  We currently have a rating of A+. We recognize the importance of working with our customers whenever a dispute arises and try and exceed most business practices and standards set forth by the BBB.

We recommend you check out a business BEFORE making a major purchase, so there are no surprises later.




A great website that sets real goals for our country's energy problem.

Founded by oil man T. Boone Pickens. He has a long term plan for creating a nationwide system utilizing renewable energy like wind power and solar power as well as using the massive reserves of natural gas and clean coal. This is to reduce our dependance on foriegn oil imports which can be unrealiable in both price and availability.


Check it out. Get involved. www.pickensplan.com/index.php


This website helps new car purchasers in giving helpful information about new car prices. The dealers can be confusing and intimidating when you do not have the proper infomation. This site will let you pick a car/ truck model and see what other customers are paying. Also you can see typical prices for your area of the country and even find some rebates or incentives being offered by car manufacturers. Always helps to be informed.



Where Craig has found some great dogs over the past 20 years. Support Adoption.

Have your pet spayed or nuetered to help control the pet population.


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