Cue & Cushion does NOT do internet sales

of any kind!

We are a local family owned business serving the St. Louis area only.

Q. How much room do I need for a pool table?

By Far, the number one question we hear at our store each day.  Below are the sizes needed using full length cues (57") and having no obstacles in the way such as walls or furniture.

  7ft. Table:  12' 9" x 16'
  8ft. Table:  13' 2" x 16' 10"
  8ft. Pro Size:  13' 4" x 17' 2"
  9ft. Table:  13' 8" x 17' 10"
  52" and 48" cues are in stock and available for rooms which are just short of required sizes, or which may have a short area in one spot.

How much does it cost to move my pool table?

A. Please check out our "Moving a Pool Table?" page located under the "Pool Tables" tab in our navigation bar to answer 10 questions about your pool table so we can give you an accurate price quote. Vague questions like this are impossible to answer without a lot of emails back and forth. When you have your information ready feel free to call us or email us for a more accurate quote.
Q. Why are there no prices on some of  your tables and cues?

On Tables:  Our prices on all our tables include delivery*, installation*, your choice of cloth color, Canadian maple cues, cast phenolic balls and accessory equipment.  Many of our competitors charge additional for equipment or give plastic balls or ramin wood cues with their tables to save money.  Many even charge for installation.  When you shop for your pool table, be sure of exactly what you are getting.  Cue and Cushion gives quality equipment and service with every table.

*Local St. Louis Metro area delivery and installation only included.  Small surcharges on long distance deliveries start at just $25.00.


On Cues:  We don't price our cues on our website for several reasons.  Cue and Cushion sells up to 300 cues a month ranging from used $20.00 cues to custom one of a kind cues for over $5,000.  With this high turnover and having a large inventory of trade-in and used cues it is nearly impossible to keep our listed inventory current. Selected limited edition cues that warrant detailed descriptions will have prices and are listed in our product catalog.

Many cues in a photograph look similar but have a large price difference.  One cue may have a plastic decal and another have inlaid decoration.  A photo can not show a straight cue from a crooked one.  A photo can not show point of balance, weight, or taper of shaft.  Cue and Cushion lets you try out cues in our 17 table pool room before you buy.

Q. How much is my cue worth?
A. We get several emails a week with vague descriptions or blurry photos asking us to appraise cues so that they can insure them or sell them on eBay. We do NOT do online appraisals. To do so is not ethical since we can not know if the cue or description is accurate or even if this is the cue going to be sold. This also makes us legally liable to stand behind our appraisal should any disputes arise. If you wish to have your cue appraised LEGITIMATELY, take your cue to a local cuemaker and pay the typical $50.00-$75.00 and have it done right.
Q. How much is my table worth?
A. See the question above.
Q. I would like to purchase the third cue on your collectibles page, the top photo. Please sent to Indonesia.
A. All our photos are examples of cues we have/had in stock at one time. As our captions clearly state, they do not represent what current inventory is at the time. Our website is for informational purposes only. Since our website is not secure for private information of our customers (i.e., credit card numbers) we do not have online sales. We do not ship overseas due to insurance rates being excessive. This is due to a large numbers of scam artists, thefts, and difficulty collecting claims.
Q. Send me pictures and prices of all your tables.
A. In accordance with agreements with our suppliers we do not advertise prices online or email price lists. If you are interested in purchasing a table, you should decide before contacting us what your priorities are. Determine what type of table you want, what your price range is, and how fast you need it. Some tables are special order and are not available for immediate delivery. When you have some basic information, CALL our store (314-427-9267) to get prices on the table you are interested in.
Q. What do you charge to move/deliver a table to California (or Denver, or Florida, or New York)?
A. Cue & Cushion is located in St. Louis, Missouri. We primarily serve the St. Louis Metro area only. We are sure you can find closer dealers and more competitive prices if you are more than 150 miles away from St. Louis.
Q. I am a webmaster and can revamp your website cheap and fast. I can direct more traffic to your website.
A. Cue & Cushion is quite happy with the site that Content Executive (Blayzer)  has built for us. We now manage our own site.  Repeated contacts by companies wishing to solicit business will be blocked.
Q. I have had trouble emailing Cue & Cushion.
A. Chances are that our spam controls are blocking you due to mass mailings, forwarding emails, blank emails, or bookmarked words (i.e., Viagra, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Vicodin, etc.) that are contained in your subject line. Please use common sense when emailing inquiries to us. If you have previously emailed us with spam, you are already blocked. Thank you for your understanding.
Q. Do you have age restrictions for your billiard parlor?
A. No. We are family friendly for all ages! Since we do not serve alcohol, we have no restrictions on who is allowed in our billiard parlor. However, the City of Overland does have a nightly curfew for those 16yrs of age or younger. If you are 16 or younger just be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during late hours (After 11pm).
Q. Can I send you pictures for your website?

Any pictures sent must be attached and in .jpg, .gif, or .bmp format. Zip files may contain viruses and are not accepted. Emails with hyperlinks are not accepted from unknown addresses. You can always post them on our Facebook page and we can copy them from there.  Thank you for your understanding.



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