Pool Table Services:

Moving Pool Tables: Cue & Cushion is one of the last companies left in the Metro area that will professionally take down your slate table, move it and reassemble and level in a new location. Fully insured for your safety and liability. Many people you find on Craigslist or in the newspaper are doing this at YOUR risk by not being insured. Call you insurance company to find out if you are covered for subcontractor injuries.  Be sure you hire someone that is responsible when doing this heavy dangerous work. Cue & Cushion does NOT do one piece slate tables. At this time we know of no reputable company that is fully insured to move one piece slate tables. For Moving price quotes see the list of questions to answer down below.

Replacement Cloth and Hardware:  Cue and Cushion stocks over 30 colors of professional grade cloth for recovering your table.  We also stock many types of replacement hardware as well as one inch canvas backed rubber for renewing your old rail's bounce.  Bring in your rails for a free estimate to get your table back to excellent playing condition.

Recovering and Cloth Prices
- January 2018  (Subject to change without notice.)

Recover pool table on premises - $575.00 and up. Customer MUST come into store to pick out the color. No exceptions. This price does NOT include changing the rubber on the rails. For quotes please give us you location including zip code.

Rails recovered at Cue & Cushion
- $125.00 and up (Cloth and Labor). Rails that need additional work such as new rubber, new facings, featherstripping, bolt receivers, or any other work will only be quoted after seeing the rails in person.

Installing New Rubber on Rails - $250.00 and up. Rubber installed and cut to size, facings installed and recovered in new Mali grade cloth . Customer dropping rails off at our store and picking them up at this price.

We use Velocity K-66 rubber on most recover jobs unless customer requests a specific brand of rubber.  All other rubber brands are quoted on a job by job basis.

NOTE: We CANNOT install rubber in the field in just one service call. If you need new rubber on your table it is best to CALL OUR STORE with all relevent information so you can get an accurate quote.

New Rubber (Material ONLY, no labor) $120.00 per set for 6 rails (8 foot or smaller)

Simonis or Championship Tour Edition Cloth by Quote only. Call us at 314-427-9267


Any Prices quoted on our website, by phone or email are ESTIMATES ONLY. Hidden damage or information concealed or undisclosed by client usually results in higher costs. 

Standard Speed Forstmann Cloth: MATERIAL ONLY!

    * 7 foot table - $165.00
    * 8 foot table - $165.00
    * 9 foot table - $185.00
    * Rail cloth only - $25.00 if we have instock. Special order rail cloth is $55.00 and up due to cutting and shipping charges from the factory.

     *Special Prints or custom colors are not included in the above pricing. Most custom printed pool cloth starts at $600. Embroidered rails by quote only.

Note: Cue & Cushion has recently ceased carrying many colors by the bolt so selection is limited for purchases by the yard. All cloth prices are for bed and rails and cannot be seperated.

Great for recovering barstools, spectator chairs or other furniture in your billiard room to match your pool table exactly. Due to wool content in your cloth, we recommend using a fabric protector to help resist stains.


Simonis Colors


Moving Services:  For more accurate price quotes on moving/servicing pool or billiard tables you will need the following information before emailing or calling us.

Remember we are centrally located in St. Louis MO.

We do not move tables via freight.

1. Location of table currently including zip code?

2. Location of delivery including zip code?

3. Size of Pool Table?

4. Style- Leather Pocket, rubber drop pocket or ball return?

5. Number of flights of stairs at BOTH locations combined?

6. Manufacturer of Table?

7. Can we park a large truck within 50 ft of entrances of both locations? 

8. Are all parts of table intact and in good working order? 

9. Are cloth and rubber in good working condition or do they need replacement? 

10. Did you buy the table from Cue & Cushion? If so, when?


   NOTE: Please give us advance notice of any parking restrictions or limited access because of our delivery truck.

Call us at 314-427-9267 or email us with this information and we can get you a price quote right away.

Most complete moving jobs start at just $425.00 for Cue & Cushion customers. We currently have an A+ rating with the BBB because of our outstanding service. 

Note:  Cue and Cushion does not do the following:

   1. One piece slate tables.
   2. Four piece slate tables.
   3. Non-slate tables.
   4. Sears tables
   5. Any move job over 2nd floor without a freight elevator.
   6. Installation or removal  of light fixtures.

Storage of your pool tableCue & Cushion stores your table for just $50.00 a month (price updated April 2015)  in our heated warehouse.  This is added to the pick up and delivery charges from moving your table. Storage fees must be paid monthly or quarterly (every 3 months) to stay current on your outstanding balance. Tables abandoned will be sold after 6 months of no contact from customer.

Custom Cue Repair


  Cue and Cushion is proud to use the services of Treadway Custom Cues for all cue repairs. Josh Treadway is a longtime friend of Cue & Cushion and Custom Cuemaker with the ACA.  Tips, ferrules, wraps, shafts, inlays, tapers, whatever your need, Josh Treadway  can help.  Cue and Cushion can also help you design a one of a kind cue made by Josh Treadway to your exact specs. Josh uses many exotic woods for a cue that stands out from the rest.


  For more information on Treadway Custom Cues,

visit his website treadwaycues.com

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